Once you are in Maldives you really should check the underwater life as well. It is one of the most amazing places in the world, where you can see hundreds coral fishes of different colours, sizes and shapes, living colourfull coral trees dying due to global warming, elegant stingrays, sharks or huge mantas. Gaafaru area is famous thanks to the wrecks snorkeling and diving.

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Snorkeling Trips we offer:


  • SS Seagull – wreck point

•  10 minutes by boat from the island

•  25 USD per person / 1 -2 hours

You can see 1012 tonne steamship that was wrecked in 1879. In 6 meters you can find the anchor, deck ribs and winch resting on top of the reef, which has now engulfed the wreckage covering in corals. The giant boilers and mainly intact stern can be found at the bottom of the reef at around 30 meters. There are many fishes around the wreck.


  • Fish garden point – fish point

•  10 minutes by boat from the island

•  30 USD per person / 1 – 2 hours


  • Lady Christine point – wreck point

•  15 minutes by boat from the island

•  35 USD per person or 2 ppl 30 USD pp / 1 – 2 hours


Wrecked in 1974 whilst laying communications cables, this 863 tonne iron survey vessel lies on a reef at the western edge of Gaafaru Atoll. At low tide the mast and bow can be seen above the water. The main part of the wreck is scattered down the reef wall at around 10 meters which drops down to around 55 meters and provides a protective environment marine life which ranges from nudibranchs to parrotfish, moray eels, pufferfish, grouper and occasionally hawksbill turtles. The caves and overhangs at 30 meters are home to nurse sharks, rays and napoleon wrasses.

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