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Maldives are one of the tropical destinations with monsoon climate, where is very similar weather throughout the year – daily temperatures are between 27 and 33°C, overnight drops to 25°C. As Maldives are small islands surrounded by sea, you can feel pleasant breeze.

There are two seasons in Maldives: Dry season is called IRUVAA, it is from December until April and the weather is affected by the northeast monsoon, rainy season is called HULGANGU, it is from May until November and it is affected by southwest monsoon.

Even during the rainy days there are still the same high temperatures in Maldives. Sometimes it is very hard rain for few hours but only somewhere, sometimes just fine rain for 2 days. After that is sun coming back again. Rainy season is perfect for surfers and divers. Even snorkeling is good during rainy season in case there is no strong wind that brings waves and than the visibility in the sea is not optimal. From May to October is the best season for snorkelers or divers who want to see mantas or sharks.

Dry season means higher prices and more tourists in Maldives (those who prefer lying on the beach) and doesn’t mean surely no rain.

Since the El Nino in 2010 is Maldives weather completely changed so even maldives meteorologists are not able to predict it even for few days ahead. Also, Maldives are pretty spacious area and the weather can be different in north atolls and south atolls. That means that checking of the weather forecast can bring you only stress with no impact.

Just choose the period to visit Maldives up to your vacation and good price flight tickets and come to enjoy tropical paradise with all its suprises.

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