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Beautiful view from above Maldives Underwater Restaurant Maldives Whale shark Maldives Capital City Maldives – Male Wedding Maldives Dolphins Maldives Maldives – underwater paradise Baros Resort Maldives Adventures of Maldives Sandbank Maldives Maldives – Tropical Paradise   Next step: Ramadan

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Ramadan in Maldives

The Holy month of Ramadan is one of the most significant festivals of Maldives. Being a muslim nation, the whole community gets busy with special preparations like renovation of homes and restocking of food items like local spices, dates and

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Authentic Maldives Gaafaru

Authentic Maldives Gaafaru   Next step: The best Maldives video  Ramadan in Maldives  2 different worlds in Maldives

2 different worlds in Maldives

Resorts x Local islands You can say there are 2 different worlds in Maldives – first is the famous one, visible in magazines all over the world. This world looks perfect, white sandy beach and changing blue waters full of

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