Xin Ying

My friends & I stayed at Mirian Sky for 7 days and I had the best time of my life! Mirian Sky is the only guesthouse in Gafaaru island, so it’s quite unpopulated and non-touristy. It’s perfect if you’re looking to experience Maldives with the authentic islanders (local Maldivians).

Our host, Imran, is the most accommodating and unimposing person we’ve met. He’s always willing & ready to ensure that all our requests/demands are attended to. Just ask, and he will provide! Whatever you need, he’ll try his best to deliver. He was able to help ensure that we were kept busy with activities throughout the 7 days and the itinerary is always flexible.

Apart from having an amazing host, you get awesome restaurant-grade meals at the guesthouse by Mohamed, the guesthouse chef. He’s an awesome cook and whips up delicious meals almost instantly at request. And he’s always so joyful & funny!

Our speedboat driver, Joarey, is also super experienced and fun! He seems to know the best snorkeling spots and where we’d be able to sight turtles, shipwrecks, dolphins, and more. He navigates the sea comfortably and provides great assurance to those in the boat with him.

It’s also amazing that we had the best company from our host’s family – including his cousins & friends – Irfan, Appey, Saret, and his other family members. They were really hospitable and treated us like we were part of their family. As long as you need it, you know they’ve got your back!

This trip goes beyond the activities and the accommodation that were provided by Mirian Sky. This trip was this AWESOME (which is still an understatement) because of the staff at Mirian Sky & all those in Gafaaru who showed us unlimited hospitality and kindness during our stay there.


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