Wong Hui Hui

Always thought that travelling to Maldives would be expensive; living in the resorts built amidst blue seas… However this experience with Mirian Sky was not only affordable but quite out of the ordinary!

If you’re looking for an off the beaten track, for an experience of how local Maldivian people live, then Mirian Sky guesthouse would be something you wouldn’t want to miss. The guesthouse is located in a small island named Gaafaru, which is not too far from several spots we ventured to e.g. dolphin points, sea turtles point (we got to swim with them!), ship wreck site, really scenic sandbank, picnic island, dive centre etc

Thank you host Imran for planning a fun-filled itinerary and also for allowing us to participate in local activities such as the soccer tournament and a Maldivian wedding. Definitely added a different flavor to our trip.

A big shout out to all staff at Mirian Sky – Mohammed (our amusing and talented chef, your ginger soup which you cooked after I returned sea-sick is something I will remember for a long time), Joary (our trusty and skillful speedboat driver), Saret (the graceful diver) and also to Imran’s cousins who joined us in our trip – Irfan (learnt a lot of Maldivian culture from your sharings and also how to overcome my fear of water!) and Appey (best defender in Gaafaru always haha!)

Thank you all for a memorable experience in Maldives

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