Kristel Joy Mendoza

Had the best time staying at Mirian Sky, our accommodation partner!

During our 7 days of stay, we received the following:
Boss Imran, his service standard: „You ask, I give“. hospitality and service at its best!
– personalized butler service from Mohamed, which includes everyday entertainment
– a private speedboat charter service by Joarey, with free dhivehi lessons
– turtle hunting demo and free baby birds care by Sarey
– one-to-one snorkel coaching and jokes from Irfan
– bodo-beru chill and coffee sessions with appey
– cheers, dance and laughters from the local children while watching live soccer tournament
– witnessed the wedding of the fastest man in the indian ocean
– sweetest sandbank dinner planned and prepared by Imran’s parents and staff
Love and smiles and thoughtfulness from the whole family of Imran, and rest of the local community

We were treated like their own, like a friend, like a family, we really felt like we were one of them. They made leaving the island so difficult.

The experience is incomparable if you stay in those luxury resorts, we received a full day trip there too!
Mirian Sky is the best choice if you want to discover Maldives, more than its sea and sand.

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