John Emmanuel Gonzales

Me and my girlfriend have a very fascinating and entertaining week at Mirian Sky Hotel. We have experience a unique and gentle way of Maldivian hospitality where in we were catered right from the moment we step on the lands of Maldives until the very last moments we have that we are about to depart the beloved Country.

The facilities in the hotel are very good: clean, presentable in which you can feel at home away from home and take note, at a reasonable price. We love the food specially made for us by the ever gracious chef. The taste is just so unique that we cannot deny to ask for more.

The island activities can be customised according to your desires and wants. We can totally relax and enjoy every moment without the prejudice of time.

What we love the most is the security and comfort we have during our vacation. We totally don’t feel that we are not in our native lands as the people their are very heart warming and accommodating. You will feel secure, safe, and you can express yourself freely and comfortably.

We definitely would like to highly recommend you to book your precious moments and hard earned vacation at Mirian Sky Hotel.

A simple and elegant place to stay and enjoy the way you want it to be.💞💞💞

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