Daniel B.

We had a really great time there. Bikini beach is nice. It is not huge but was comfortable as it was just for us. Easy to snorkeling to the closest corals. Its really good to take picture without anybody disturb us 🙂 It was a nice experience to see all of this outside the box (outside of the resort islands). The first day already we did a snorkeling close to the shore. It was very nice. For us it was why it became worthy to go to the Maldives. Marine life is amazing. Jorrey, our captain showed us a lot. He knows for what most tourist get excited. Next day we went turtles snorkeling. I couldn’t expect that. I thought if we are lucky we can see one or two but it was 5-6 swimming really close to us. On our way back to Gaafaru we saw dolphins. Jorrey managed us to see them without asking. Other surprise they get close to the boat. Really amazing experience. The next days was all about those trips. We get to the picnic island, eriyadhoo resort and a few snorkeling trip. Picnic island a Eriyadhoo both nice to snorkeling and just enjoying the sun. We get to the Taj resort, which Imran managed for us. We saw the „other“ side of the Maldives. Pure luxury but i wouldn’t change for our experience in Gaafaru. Which made us the difference is the staff of Mirian Sky. I liked the way we could be friends with them for those days we spend there. We had nice conversations and they didn’t make us feel like an „other tourist“. About Jorrey i wrote already but lets not forget about mentioning Mohamed. He was so natural, friendly that after one day we already felt at home. He served us big variety of tasty food. Always asking what we want and how we want. Get sad when we couldn’t finish our food bc it was to much. Just like mom 🙂 And our barbecue on the beachside it was like movie scene. 8 of them worked so hard that we could enjoy our romantic moment. As we didn’t meet that much with Imran I can say he choose the right guys to work with. Imran was also very helpful when we contact him and waited for us on the airport with a surprise presents on our farewell which one was an other nice gesture we didn’t expect. They made our holiday unforgettable and would go back again just to meet them again. So end of it we had a great 2 weeks in Gaafaru. I wouldn’t say I can recommend for everybody but i could recommend for people who want to see the real Maldives even so if its not that perfect that the pictures we see on the internet.


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