Location & Transport

Gaafaru island is only one island of Gaafaru atoll, part of Kaafu Atoll – the one that includes also MALE, main city of Maldives and Hulhumale, the airport island. Gaafaru is 61 km far from the Ibrahim Nasir airport.

Gaafaru is not the nearest one of the inhabited local islands, that offer hotel for tourists, but it is one of the closest and still tropical ones. Most of the islands close to the airport are fully used, you can find there more hotels and on such a small area you can already feel the effect. Not only that you meet more tourists and one of the „dream vacation conditions“ is beach only for you, it might happen that you find no free chair on the beach.

Tourist bikini beach on Gaafaru island

There is big white sandy beach for tourists on the island with chairs and umbrellas to use for free. There are no waves coming to the beach so you can easy enjoy the relax in the water anytime. Snorkeling from the beach is possible as well, just choose the high water level time.

There are 5 shops on the island, where you can buy souvenirs and some food, sweets, fruit etc.

There are 4 coffees, where you can sit down and relax drinking traditional milk coffee or black tea. One of them is on the roof with nice seaview with the harbour.

There is school and health center with english speaking doctor.


Transport airport (Male) – Gaafaru

There are 2 kinds of transport to Gaaafaru island – fast, comfortable and expensive or cheap:

1. Private speedboat 

  • 75 MINUTES, 200 USD (2 people 100 USD per person – 4 people 50 USD each)
  • Best choice as we can come to pick you up ANYTIME a day or night up to your request in case of good weather
  • Fastest and most comfortable way how to get to the Gaafaru island
  • In case the weather is bad, we have to arrange resort speedboat for 500 USD

2. Shared speedboat

  • 60 minutes, 25 USD per person
  • Schedule Male – Gaafaru: Saturday 16h, Monday 15h, Wednesday 15h, Thursday 16h
  • Schedule Gaafaru – Male: Saturday 13h, Monday 8h, Wednesday 8h, Thursday 8h
  • In case of extra weather the speedboat is cancelled – inform yourself with day advance if it is confirmed

3. Public ferry – MTCC ferry

  • 3,5 hours, 5 USD per person oneway
  • In case you want to travel by ferry, you need to take care of the schedule during tickets booking
  • In case you have already booked ticket, we can arrange first night in Hulhumale hotel for you
  • Schedule Male – Gaafaru: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM
  • Schedule Gaafaru – Male: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9 AM
  • Donated by Maldives republic so the price is really low
  • Long travel on the sea for stomach senzitive people


07. 05.

Shared speedboat

We got information that there is finally shared speedboat service Mariana speed available from Male to Gaafaru and back! The price is only 25 USD per person, oneway, time of travel is 1 hour only. Shared Speedboat Schedule: Male –

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06. 01.


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