• Can you arrange flight tickets as well?

We arrange for our clients full service in Maldives – transfer, accommodation, food, trips and if requests special occasions organization (beach wedding, proposal dinner, birthday celebration dinner, anniversary dinner). Flight tickets are booked by our clients directly. Private speedboat pick up is possible anytime, in case you would like to choose cheaper public ferry transport, it is good to choose flight tickets up to the ferry schedule.

  • Is it possible to wear swimsuits only on the island?

There is tourist bikini beach designed for tourist to enjoy the stay on the beach and swimming in swimsuit or bikinis only. Anyway, please respect the religion rules and don’t wear the swimsuit only in other parts of the island…shorts and T-shirt is OK, you don’t need to cover knees or elbows…

  • What is the reservation procedure?

After you will find a optimal flight ticket for you, contact us for availability check. After booking or resevation of your flight ticket let us know following details for room reservation: names of guests, contact number, arrival and departure time with flight numbers and prefered transfer from the airport to Gaafaru island – public ferry or private speedboat. We will prepare reservation confirmation for you that is needed at the airport during passport check and visa procedure. If your passport is valid and you have the reservation confirmation, you will receive visa for 30 days.

  • What about trips organization?

We offer plenty of trips and they are orgnaized up to your request and weather conditions. It is the best to choose them and discuss your interest during your stay, booking of the trip one day in advance is optimal.

  • How about ATM or credit card payment?

There is no ATM on the island, only at the aiport or main city Male. Anyway, you can pay by credit card in our hotel.

  • Can we snorkel directly from the beach of the Gaafaru island?

Sure, there is coral reef around the island. Of course, the best is to join one of the snorkeling trips we offer as our captains know the best places for snorkeling.

  • Are there towels and toilet accessories  in the rooms?

Yes, there are towels for you and all toilet accessories, that are also refilled up to your request.

  • Is there some restaurant and shop on the Gaafaru island?

There is no restaurant in this moment, only our hotel restaurant. You find some small shops on the island with souvenirs to buy.


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